It's no secret that we love handmade typography. Just check out the title sequences we made for Juno and Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist. Now you can bring that look to your own projects with Wiggletype. Handmade animated typography.

It looks great, but creating the "wiggle" animated look is very time consuming. Each frame needs to be drawn several times, then aligned and prepped for use. We started Wiggletype as an internal tool that would save us a lot of time when clients wanted the distinctive animated look of handmade type. And now we've decided to share it with people like you: fellow filmmakers, animators and designers.

There are currently two Wiggleptype typefaces to choose from. There's Kaylee, which is based on the typography we created for Juno. Pocket is our latest release, hand-drawn by illustrator Emilio Santoyo.