FOX Television


Main title design

Sons of Tucson

Main title sequence for Fox Television’s comedy Sons of Tucson starring Tyler Labine and co-created by Todd Holland.

For this quick show opener, we needed to tell the story of how the three Gunderson brothers came to hiring Ron (Tyler Labine) as their stand-in “dad” in 20 seconds! Because the four main actors were spread out across the country, we were only able to photograph Tyler Labine here in L.A.

Before the shoot, we viewed all the episodes that had been shot and selected moments that we could use to make it seem like Labine and the boys were all together for the opening sequence. We then did a photo shoot with Labine in our studio and composited his shots with the boys’ existing photos to create a visual story through stop-motion animation.

All the photos were glued to cardboard and then cut by hand so that the rough edges were visible. The cardboard texture conveyed the guys' rough, patched-together lives. This hand-made look mixed with vibrant colors added a little fun and charm to the sequence.