Fox Searchlight Pictures
Jay Duplass
Mark Duplass


Family photo compositing
Main title design

Jeff, Who Lives at Home

The Duplass Brothers wanted to use family photos as the primary visual elements to tell a story within the main titles.

We suggested they put the family photos in frames and film them around the home to add a layer of detail and sophistication to the sequence. It also helps to distract the viewer’s eye from the fact that many of the family photos were composited images.

During the photo editing process, we culled through dozens of personal photos from Jason Segel, Ed Helms and Susan Sarandon. (And yes, Jason and Ed were both very cute when they were little.) For the “dad,” we photographed a man who was cast as the guys’ father and then sifted through his personal albums to find possible matches for the rest of the composited photos.

The typography offers subtle connections between individual title cards, referring to Jeff’s belief in the interconnectedness of life.